Making Time For Ourselves…..

Today I was surfing at Playa Guiones and noticed that we girls were making up at least half of the line up. I can remember not to many years ago when during many of my surf sessions there would be maybe one or two other girls out surfing. Clearly things have changed in the recent years and surfing has become a sport far more gender neutral . I know here in Nosara there are several contributing factors to the increase in girls waxing up. Here locally the Nosara Ticas Surf Club , which was established as a means of introducing the “local” girls to the sport, has had a big influence on the getting the girls of all ages out to the beach and into the waves. In addition, here in Nosara the all girls surf camp, Surf Bikini Retreat caters exclusively to the female surfers of all levels. This trend of more and more of us jumping into the sport is not unique to Nosara or Costa Rica . In a recent conversation with a Surf Industry Executive he stated that the largest grow sector in the surf industry worldwide is and will continue to be the female marketplace. When I asked what he attributed this growth to he stated very matter of factly —— girls are now making time for themselves. I thought about his rather simple explanation and realized he is right . If I want to really relax and do something healthy and fun for myself I go for a 2-3 hour surf session. In some ways I think we all just got tired of seeing the boys have all the fun in the water and decided it was our turn to make some quality time for ourselves – SURFING