Reviews From Previous Guests

This was my 2nd time at Surf Bikini Retreat and it once again exceeded my expectations!

SaraSaraMay 2021

As a 46 year old woman with no surfing experience, I went with the goal of getting up on the a surf board just once before the end of the week. I could not have even imagined that I would up on a board the first day.

JenniferJenniferAugust 2021

My time with Surf Bikini Retreat was nothing short of incredible. The food, staff, and coaches are all some of the most genuine people you will meet, of course along with Adilia!

GabbiGabbiMay 2021

I've visited Surf Bikini Retreat multiple times, and every time I learn something new and meet wonderful new friends.

ShelleyShelleyMay 2021

I went from never having touched a surfboard to riding green waves by day 5. It was a lot of hardwork but Adilia was an amazing coach.

Unknown Unknown January 2021

If you think the reviews for this retreat are too good to be true, you would be wrong. Adilia and her team of badass chicas made my stay an experience I will never forget.

AngieAngieAugust 2021

The surf teachers are a group of badass women who are amazing at pinpointing exactly how you can get better, and the most peaceful place to stay where you could hear monkeys and birdwatch and swim in the pool after a long day on the water.

TaylorTaylorJune 2021

If you think the reviews for this retreat are too good to be true, you would be wrong.

FlorenceFlorenceAugust 2021

"Surf Bikini is a life changing experience disguised in surf retreat's clothing."

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Our guests have been amazing to us! Women from all age groups, backgrounds, sizes, and shapes from around the world are able to participate in surfing, which is an amazing reward in and of itself. Each week, we hear comments about how life-changing this experience can be. Wouldn't you love to have that experience too? The more than 75 reviews speak for themselves. Come experience Surf Bikini Retreat and see for yourself.