woman seated sukhasana


To ride waves successfully, you must be focused, strong, flexible, and mentally clear.

 It is for this reason that yoga, which puts a huge emphasis on such elements, can be a great complement to surfing.


Whats included

The Classes

During your week at Surf Bikini Retreate we invite you to participate in daily, hour-long yoga sessions, including a variety of postures and restorative poses.


Yoga can be the focal point of your stay if that is what you desire. If this is what appeals to you, please let us know in advance.

women doing yoga
woman in savasana pose
Yoga class at Surf Bikini retreat
Yoga session at Surf Bikini retreat

The Instructors 

All of our yoga instructors have been certified by the Nosara Yoga Institute. Not only will their classes leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated, but they also serve as a significant aid in your quest to be shredding those ocean waves.

The Relaxation

You're probably also here for a relaxing vacation, in addition to yoga and surf.


Enjoy a massage, tropical drinks by the pool, tasty food, and other luxuries. Pamper yourself, you've earned it.

purple flowers
purple flowers