Nosara is Magical !!!

Recently CNN can up with a list of the top 11 places to visit in 2014. Being that I live in Nosara one of the must see places on the CNN list I feel I must express the pride I felt in knowing our small community has created something that is truly recognized as being special. As CNN stated, “Nosara prides itself on its beaches and wildlife refuges and is now one of the most environmentally-aware communities in Latin America.” Everything CNN wrote is true but I would add that in addition, Nosara is an epi-center for yoga , pilates and great surf. I think the combination of an environmentally conscience community that is extremely health conscious creates a very desireable place to call home and visit. The locals one encounters when visiting Nosara is actually what makes Nosara such an incredibly magical place to visit. If you are lucky enough to get to visit Nosara take the time to visit with the locals and you will understand Nosara is a community that lives and breathes sustainability.

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