Happiness in Costa Rica !!!

For a female surfer living in Nosara, Costa Rica, November 1 marks the beginning of the best time of the year in this lush tropical country. I am aware for those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere that is the time of year when the cold wet gray days start to become less than fun. But here in Nosara, it is the exact opposite. At the beginning of November, almost like someone hit a switch and the 6 months of steady rain comes to a halt . We then move into the season when the Pacific Ocean converts into a glassy paradise for female surfers. When the doors reopen on November 1 at Surf Bikini Retreat , an all inclusive girls surf camp, it is almost like the waves magically know to start rolling into Playa Guiones , Nosara. For the next six months of the year you can count on regular offshore winds, great southwest swells combined with the longest days of the year. These conditions create a perfect playground for surfing. But the insanely great surfing conditions are only part of what makes this the best time of the year. For us Costa Ricans, this is when summer vacation arrives, combined with Christmas festivities, and the must see and do multiple week long Costa Rican Style “rodeo” parties. In a survey I recently read that ranks countries happiness levels, Costa Ricans were ranked as the happiest people on earth, If we are the happiest people on earth, then I do know with certainty that at the beginning of November is the time of year when the happiest people on earth get just a little happier. Come visit us at Surf Bikini Retreat and enjoy the surf, great food, good times and share in the contagious happiness.

Pura Vida