A lot more than just learning to surf

Surf Bikini Retreat is an all inclusive “Boutique” Surf Camp for girls located in Nosara, Costa Rica that not only focuses on teaching you to surf but also introduces you to the Costa Rican Culture and Lifestyle of a “Tico” surfer. Costa Rican retreat director Adilia Zuniga and her local bi-lingual staff make learning to surf at Playa Guiones a blast. Your time out of the water is well spent learning and experiencing the Tico surfer’s lifestyle. Prepare typical local dishes, dance local dances, learn the local language, or just kick back “Tico” style at the retreat and relax with a massage or yoga class while being surrounded by our mind-blowing panoramic jungle views… So come visit us in Playa Nosara and learn to surf and experience the unforgettable real Costa Rica.

Surf Lessons that make sense

Our philosophy and approach to teaching surfing is very straight forward: make it simple, fun and safe. This approach has proven to be both relaxing and fun while speeding up the process for you standing up and riding the waves. In no time, you, your board and the waves will feel like ‘one’ – in a very natural feeling, you will be on your way to becoming a surfer. The Surf Bikini Retreat’s professional instructors understand that each student comes with their own unique abilities and challenges and that is why a specific program is developed for each guest.

Surf Bikini Retreat is located in Nosara, a quaint beach community that has the distinction of being ranked as one of The Worlds 20 Best Surf Towns by National Geographic. Our retreat, which is adjacent to a biological nature reserve, offers shared and private cabinas with breathtaking panoramic views in a secure, serene mountainous jungle environment. So upon arrival in Costa Rica life becomes very simple in that we make sure you can focus on relaxing, having fun and learning to surf.

Just Leave it to us

Our all-inclusive, hassle free surf retreat packages are designed so your life and vacation will become very simple upon your arrival in Costa Rica. If you are ready to spend some time in the warm tropics having fun, learning to surf, and learning to live the true Costa Rican surfer lifestyle, then contact us today to make a reservation.