Thanksgiving Retreat ’18


Surf Bikini Retreat uses both cabinas and rooms. In order to imbue the retreat design with a true sense of Costa Rican all facilities were constructed from utilizing the finest native woods of the Guanacaste region . The your retreat overlooks our beautiful swimming pool and is a great location to relax, attend a yoga class, enjoy a massage, use the wifi or visit Guiones. Guiones downtown allows you to enjoy the beach life and be close to all the exciting nightlife.

Surf Bikini Retreat is Unique

At Surf Bikini Retreat we are proud to have created a destination which will leave you with incredible memories to last a lifetime. We look forward to welcoming you to our surroundings, and teaching you and only 7 other guests how to surf the incredible Pacific waves that break on our shores. We recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure we can accommodate your dates.

Accommodation Options

• Double Occupancy Cabina (either bring a friend or we can find you a roommate)
• Single Occupancy Cabin

All cabinas feature a/c, private baths, towels, and linens. Private homes are often shared bathrooms.
How do I pay?: To discuss our various payment options contact us either by calling (506) 8828-0826
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Surfer’s Bar

Cocktails, pipa water, smoothies, and many other refreshing beverages all served fresh from our fantastic pool bar.
Time to Relax…..

Relaxing and Sharing Dinner with new Friends

A great place to spend some down time and get to know your fellow guests .
Keeping the rustic surf style

More of our Surf Bikini Retreat

The old meets new. Rustic surf style elegance at Surf Bikini Retreat.


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