Staff Members

Surf Bikini Retreat is home to a dedicated multi-cultural team of staff from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Whether it be yoga, local cuisine, Costa Rican culture, and of course surfing, each of our female staff members was hand picked on the strength of their outstanding skills, and warm, welcoming personalities. After spending time with them we’re confident you’ll see why it gives us great pride that these ladies are part of the Surf Bikini Retreat Family.

Girls surfing lesson instructor Laura Wicke

Laura Wicke, Surf Instructor

Since learning to surf as a child in San Diego Laura Wicke, a passionate “Pura Vida” surfer, has spent many years traveling Central America in search of waves. As well as being an experienced surfing instructor Laura has also spent time as a language teacher (she spoke three languages at the last count). This combination of surfing prowess and professional academic teaching skills has established her as one the areas most respected female surf instructors. In addition to her ability to communicate complex topics in a concise and clear manner, she has an incredible knack for making surf lessons safe, easy, and above all lots of fun. Her patience and understanding underlie her ability to get students up and riding as quickly as possible. Laura lives every aspect of life to it’s fullest and this is reflected in the way she both surfs, and teaches surfing to Surf Bikini Retreat students.

Surfing and Yoga instruction at the all girls retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica

Pao Barrera, Yoga Instructor

If you’re a follower of the Playa Guiones surf photos that appear daily on social media, it’s more than likely you’ve seen a good few shots of a bikini clad ripper charging the waves, and pulling moves that leaves most of the guys green eyed with envy. In all likelihood, those photos are of Pao Barrera, a highly skilled surfer of Peruvian origin who chose to make her home in Nosara after becoming a certified yoga instructor at the Nosara Yoga Institute. Her flexibility, strength, and passion for surfing are reflected daily in the way she approaches the waves. Never one to back down from a challenge, Pao is in her element in large, powerful surf, and has made a name for herself as one of Playa Guiones hardest charging females. Everyday, Pao is up, awake and ready to go at sunrise, and loves using this peaceful time of day to meditate, practice yoga, and shred waves. The sunrise yoga classes she leads at Surf Bikini retreat are the perfect way to get yourself prepped for learning to charge waves as well as she does.

Girls learn to surf and prepare Costa Rican food

Maria Zuniga Diaz, Chef

When you arrive at Surf Bikini Retreat and sample the mouthwatering cuisine that comes from our kitchen this is the person you have to thank. Born and raised in Nosara Maria is “pura tica,” and is highly passionate about using her formidable culinary skills to make people happy. Her mastery as a chef is reflected in everything she creates from casados to cocktails. After tasting her offerings it’s easy to understand why this culinary wonder woman is much sought after by so many of the areas restaurants and hotels. At Surf Bikini Retreat Maria likes to focus on typical Costa Rican dishes made from fresh natural ingredients. Maria is also an active member of the Nosara Tico Surf Club, and she loves spending time with guests and sharing her surfing experiences.

Personal Massages

Karla Cabalceta, Massage Specialist

Surfing, particularly as a beginner can be gruelling on the muscles and physiology. After a few days spent battling the surf at Playa Guiones there may be nothing your heart desires other than a soothing, well deserved massage. And this is where Karla comes in. With years of experience in massage techniques Karlas skills have firmly established her as one of the best in town. So much so in fact that she is currently one of the most in-demand masseuses in the Nosara area, and after an hour spent in her care you’ll understand why. A massage with Karla puts a a whole new meaning to being relaxed, rejuvenated, and most importantly, ready to get back out on the ocean in prime physical condition.

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