About Nosara

Welcome to the Rich Coast

When it comes to a list of things that will amaze you Nosara and Playa Guiones is true treasure trove. Great people, a perfect climate, a huge spectrum of wildlife biodiversity, and of course – incredible surf. After experiencing this small town deep within the Guanacaste Peninsula you’ll understand what keeps people returning to Playa Guiones and Nosara year after year. However, it matters not whether you’re a first time visitor or a returning Nosara devotee. Either way you’re in for the vacation or surf trip of a lifetime.

A brief history

Much has been written about the natural beauty of the area. However the enduring magic of Nosara can also be largely attributed to the pioneering approach to development that the founders of the American Project established in the late 1970s. The first ex-pats to plant flags were an eclectic mix of eco-warriors, surfers and yogis. Their enduring efforts, often in the face of significant opposition, to manifest a vision of responsible, ecologically aware development is the reason that Nosara has successfully sidestepped the usual pitfalls of progress. Nowadays, the town of Playa Guiones boasts a first rate infrastructure complete with luxury accommodation, fine dining, a good transport system, and the availability of any goods or produce you may need.
While Playa Guiones is often referred to as Nosara this is not exactly true. The relaxed, easy going town of Nosara is the home of many of the areas native ticos and serves as the hub of the local district. However, Playa Guiones is around 7km to the east of Nosara town, and serves as the hotspot for visiting tourists. And although the landscape may have witnessed small changes over the decades there is one thing that has always remained the same: the local beach!

Welcome to Paradise

Rightly regarded as some of the Costa Rican coastlines most stunning scenery, the true magic of Playa Guiones is to be found in the people, the culture, the atmosphere, and yes – the fantastic surf! The beach itself is a ruggedly beautiful 6km stretch of white sand and is geographically situated in such a way to catch any and all incoming swell activity from the Pacific ocean. Consequently, when there’s little to no surf on any of the neighboring beaches Playa Guiones can still be offering up dreamy, long rides. Despite such quality surf, Playa Guiones has managed to largely remain off the beaten track of many surfers, which means you can still pick and choose which waves you ride with limited crowds around. It’s these waves that Surf Bikini Retreat in Nosara can’t wait to have you up and riding during your stay with us here in paradise.

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