Hard to get too much of a good thing?

This year our rainy season which we affectionately call the “Green Season” has proven to be unspectacular with rain levels running at below 70% of normal levels. Meteorologist are attributing the lack of rain to the “el nino” phenomenon, but I personally believe this is just part of a cyclical process where we go through high and low levels of rain periodically. For us surfers , this extremely dry wet season has produced nothing less than epic surf week after week. Frankly, I can not believe I am about to say this but, I have “almost” had enough near perfect surf. Note I said almost, because as any hard core gnarly surfer knows just when you think your arms and back are just too sore for another session , somehow you are able to muster up a second wind. I am now confident that if mother nature keeps churning out these perfect glassy days I will be able to march forward and continue double sessions day after day.
For any or you out there living through the dog days of perpetual summer flatness this is definitely the year to jump on a plane and get yourself to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. To put things in perspective the surf report today for Nosara stated we would be having 1 to 2 foot surf, I grabbed a fish and though I would have a rare relaxing small session at Playa Guiones, wrong !!!! Got to the beach and conservatively it was a solid 4 to 6 feet. Again, I thought it is hard to get too much of a good thing .